Newport Capital Advisers enjoys a broad network of contacts with investment professionals that help to inform its investment decisions.

The purpose of this section is to present salient questions, share views on a variety of investment topics and to invite questions about those that are not addressed here. We invite your questions through the Contact section of this site.

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Why Engage an Investment Advisor?

The primary reason to engage an investment advisor is to produce after fee returns in excess of those one can earn independently.

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Quantify Your Risk Tolerance

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Is long-term equity investing dead?

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What are the major factors that Newport Capital Advisers considers in investment manager selection?

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We believe that the strength of the firm is to identify a client’s tolerance for the various forms of investment risk before they are exceeded and that the firm is flexible, yet resolute in the process.

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We are a purpose-driven firm and believe that the benefits derived from our efforts will help our clients and their constituents to experience more fulfilling lives.

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A significant point about how we structure our investment process is that it begins and ends with effective client communication.

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